As a business owner, you should never underestimate the staying power of a strong first impression that prospective customers will garner from encountering your well-maintained and manicured commercial property.

A beautiful landscaping job combined with consistent cleaning and upkeep will not only impress your customers, but it will demonstrate that you truly care about your business and, in turn, your patrons.

Regardless of the chief purpose of that property, the immediate level of professionalism demonstrated in its maintenance and landscaping will factor in the volume of patronage, traffic, tenancy, and, of course, revenue that it generates.

Benefits of Using Commercial Property Maintenance Services

Regularly scheduled commercial landscaping and maintenance produces numerous underlying benefits for your business. In addition to establishing a positive reputation for your business, it can revamp the look of your property grounds, promote a healthy-looking landscape, and uplift the moods of your employees and clients, which will translate into greater productivity and higher sales.

To ensure that a positive image will be portrayed for their business from the instant that an outside party arrives, commercial properties owners/managers will find benefit in the commercial landscaping and maintenance services available from Wolf Lake Construction.

Parking Lot Sweeping

The accumulation of gravel, sand, and other debris after the winter months can result in safety concerns and a poor aesthetic appeal.  We provide road and parking lot sweeping services that minimize dust production while continuing to ensure effective and efficient removal of unwanted debris accumulations.  Our high-quality and low-dust sweeping services allow us to stand out amongst our competitors.  We have a large fleet of sweeping equipment ideal for residential, commercial, sidewalk, roadway, parking lot, and other applications.  To ensure the highest degree of quality workmanship, we have highly trained and skilled operators for all of our equipment.

Line Painting

We can help you minimize liability issues by painting and correcting pavement markings for a variety of applications, including custom stencilling.

Visible and clear pavement markings are essential for the safe operation of motor vehicles however, over time, they can fade and become ineffective causing confusion and safety concerns.   We can help you minimize liability issues by painting and correcting pavement markings for a variety of applications.

Landscape Construction

Our full range of large and small landscape equipment can transform your space from mediocre to impressive.  Whether your project requires the removal and installation of new sod, creating a retaining wall, or the laying of a new patio or walkway, our highly skilled professionals will make your vision a reality.

Wolf Lake Construction is a prominent full-service property maintenance and construction company that has been in business in the Greater Sudbury area since 2003. We specialize in property maintenance, constructions services, landscaping and equipment rentals. For more information on the services we offer or to request a quote, please call us at 705.507.4515 or email us at


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